Enjoy these spicy wings this Labor Day weekend


These sweet and spicy chicken wings are baked in the oven and then crisped under the broiler. It’s perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend or anytime. I separated the drumettes from the flats for easier serving.

Microwaving the potatoes for the potato salad shortens the cooking time and means there’s no pot to wash. Make extra potato salad if you have time; it will keep a couple of days in the refrigerator and can be served with any meal.

Helpful hints:

■ Yellow or gold potatoes can be used instead of red potatoes.

■ Add more hot pepper sauce if you like the wings really hot.

■ An easy way to snip chives is with a scissors.


■ Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

■ Make chicken wings.

■ While chicken wings bake, make potato salad

Shopping list:

To buy: 8 chicken wings, 1 jar apricot jam, 1 bottle honey, 1 bottle hot pepper sauce, ¾ pound red potatoes. 1 bottle distilled vinegar, 1 jar Dijon mustard, 1 bunch celery and 1 bunch chives.

Staples: canola oil, salt and black peppercorns.

Honey spiced
chicken wings

8 chicken wings, tips removed, drumettes and flats separated

3 tablespoons apricot jam

1½ tablespoons honey

¼ teaspoon hot pepper sauce

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking tray with foil and place in oven as it preheats. Mix apricot jam, honey and hot pepper sauce together. Spoon over wings. When oven is preheated, place wings on baking tray on the middle shelf in the oven and bake 10 minutes or until a meat thermometer reaches 165 degrees. Turn oven on to broil and crisp the chicken for 3 minutes. Watch to make sure they don’t burn. Remove and divide between two dinner plates.

Makes 2 servings. Nutrition per serving: 512 calories (37% from fat), 21 grams fat (5.9 grams saturated, 8.1 grams monounsaturated), 144 milligrams cholesterol, 47.6 grams protein, 32.3 grams carbohydrates, 0.2 grams fiber, 172 milligrams sodium.

Potato salad

¾ pound red potatoes

2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar

1½ tablespoons Dijon mustard

2 teaspoons canola oil

2 tablespoons warm water

⅓ cup snipped chives

⅓ cup diced celery

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Wash potatoes, do not peel and cut into ½- to ¾-inch pieces. Place them in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high 5 minutes. Test to see they are soft. Add another minute or 2 if needed. Mix vinegar, mustard, oil and warm water together. Add the chives and celery. Stir into the potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with the chicken wings.

Makes 2 servings. Nutrition per serving: 174 calories (27% from fat), 5.2 grams fat (0.4 grams saturated, 3.1 grams monounsaturated), no cholesterol, 4.0 grams protein, 28.7 grams carbohydrates, 3.9 grams fiber, 170 milligrams sodium.

Linda Gassenheimer is the author, most recently, of “Simply Smoothies: Fresh & Fast Diabetes-Friendly Snacks & Complete Meals” and “Fast and Flavorful: Great Diabetes Meals from Market to Table” and “The Flavors of the Florida Keys.” Her website is dinnerinminutes.com. Follow her on Twitter lgassenheimer. Email: lindadinnerinminutes.com.


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