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If you do not have too much time in the morning to have breakfast, having cornflakes with milk can meet the nutritional needs of your body and save your time. And the best thing about this breakfast option is that you can have it in multiple flavours or even customize your bowl of cereals.

To help you in saving time every morning, here is a list of some of the most popular packs of corn flakes that you can buy online:-

Kellogg’s is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cornflakes or instant breakfast options. This pack of corn flakes by the brand does not contain any additional flavours allowing you to add sweeteners and flavours as per your preferences and mood. These cornflakes are rich in iron and vitamins to let you stay energetic for up to 3 hours.

Since these cornflakes are free from cholesterol and artificial preservatives with a low amount of fat, this can easily be your healthy breakfast option. You can choose the quantity of the packaging as per your needs.

This pack of corn flakes by Bagrry’s is another trusted option in the Indian market that will help you have healthy breakfast in no time. Made with golden corn, these flakes are crunchy, healthy and rich in fibres. The corn flakes are low in fat and even include wheat fibres to make your bowl of breakfast healthier.

These corn flakes are free from cholesterol and trans fat to ensure that you do not take unhealthy ingredients in while having breakfast.

Nestle has been a popular brand in the market of food products in India. This pack of breakfast cereals by the brand has flakes made with a combination of corn and oats. This combination of corn and oats will make your breakfast rich in calcium, vitamins, folic acid, fibres, iron and more.

You can add sugar or honey to your bowl of breakfast depending on your flavour preferences. The shelf life of the pack is 11 months from the date of manufacturing.

These low-fat corn flakes by Lawrence Mills can be another affordable option that you can buy online. These flakes are light and crispy to ensure that you feel full and enjoy your bowl of healthy breakfast. The flakes are free from trans fat and cholesterol to let you stay healthy.

Being high in energy, a bowl of these corn flakes will charge you up for the day and make you feel energetic within a few minutes. You can even garnish your bowl of corn flakes with fresh fruits to add on to the taste and nutrition.

These corn flakes by Patanjali can be another affordable and healthy choice that you can buy online to enjoy a healthy bowl of breakfast. These flakes are rich in fibres that will keep your digestive system healthy and increase your energy levels. These corn flakes are also rich in iron, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Besides sugar, you can even add honey to your bowl of corn flakes along with some fresh berries to make the breakfast more delicious.

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