Dance2Fit’s Line of Fitness Nutrition Products Are Now Available Through Ultimate Health Superstore


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Customers are buying their supplements from home more than ever before, and the e-commerce market has become an integral aspect of any brand’s success. Fitness nutrition brand Dance2Fit has been expanding their e-commerce reach throughout 2020, but recently they’ve added product listings on Ultimate Health Superstore.

Dance2Fit already has a strong following from their videos, dance classes, and online fan base but maintaining a presence on a variety of e-commerce stores has remained a successful strategy. More sites means more traffic, more visibility, and a more diverse customer base who may otherwise not have come across Dance2Fit’s products. Ultimate Health Superstore has been growing in popularity over the past three years, now offering upwards of two hundred highly specialized health and wellness brands, with more than 3,000 products in stock. Known for their fast shipping times, Ultimate Health Superstore has been a strong addition to any online retail lineup.

The products that are available through Ultimate Health Superstore are vetted for quality and integrity on a personal level not often provided by larger online retailers, so Dance2Fit knew that in choosing to partner with Ultimate Health Superstore their products would be showcased in a way that played to their strengths.

E-commerce sales now make up more than two-thirds of the entire supplement market with those figures expected to double over the next decade. Dance2Fit currently has products available across the web, with plans to add a host of new retailers to their e-commerce lineup, but the company says they feel confident in the individualized treatment they have received so far in their partnership with Ultimate Health Superstore.

In the highly competitive supplement market Dance2Fit stands out because of their commitment to ingredients that work. D2Fit says they’ve listened to feedback from their customers and fans and tailored their products to their customers’ nutritional needs. Dance2Fit creates products for every step of the workout process from their D2Fit 4in1 Kick Start Fatburner, and D2Fit Multi-Collagen Preworkout drink, to their D2FIT Women’s All Day Time Release Whey Protein.

The company says their whey protein powder is generally a top seller because of its mass appeal. Whey is easy to digest and easy to blend, so the consistency is more like a milkshake, rather than a run of the mill protein drink. The bioavailability in whey protein also makes it easy to absorb and utilize in the body. Customer feedback says they feel the effects quickly and feel full and sustained all day with Dance2Fit’s whey protein formula.

Dance2Fit says their goal is to make quality workout products available to everyone through online ordering and to help educate fitness enthusiasts on how best to care for their body through better fitness nutrition.

Supplemental nutrition, including health and fitness nutrition, is already a more than $130 billion industry and shows no sign of slowing in the next five years. Through their partnership with Ultimate Health Superstore, Dance2Fit is continuing their trend of online retail growth as well. Look for Dance2Fit for sale through various e-commerce stores including

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