Is everything you thought about dieting wrong? | Times2


Professor Tim Spector looks tousled, tanned and smiley. His chronological age may be 62, but his biological age (calculated by various immune system and cell health markers) is 47.

We are talking at lunchtime. I guess I’ll have what he’s having.

“That is precisely what you mustn’t do,” he warns. “For too long we’ve followed one-size-fits-all dietary advice. Forget diet gurus, government and industry recommendations. The truth is, the old food myths are dying and the future is precisely tailored nutrition: knowing what’s best for you.”

Spector is about to publish a remarkable book called Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food Is Wrong. It’s a smoothie-dropping read.

First he chucks your clean-eating, vegan, ketogenic lunch out of the window. Then he


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