Kröner-Stärke underscores spelt’s diversity and potential in meat alternatives


12 Aug 2020 — As the consumer trend for healthy clean label alternatives gathers pace, the demand for traditional ancient grains continues to rise. Spelt in particular is making a comeback, and is highly favored due to its excellent nutritional profile, taste and wholesomeness, says Kröner-Stärke. The company has developed a range of versatile spelt products at its all-natural processing facility, providing the food sector with spelt gluten, starches, flours and pregelatinized spelt starches.

With a higher vitamin content than traditional wheat, spelt makes an ideal choice for health-conscious consumers. Kröner-Stärke’s spelt ingredients are suitable for the production of products such as breads, pastries and baking mixes, the company asserts. Its Vital Spelt Gluten, in particular, has excellent visco-elastic properties, allowing for an increased volume and improved stabilization of the dough.

“We have been developing our spelt range for some time and are excited about the solution it presents for food processors wishing to make use of the functionality and nutritional benefits of ancient grains across the bakery and plant-based sectors. The versatility of the products in our spelt range allows firms to diversify their ranges to meet current consumer demands. This is reflected in the recipes we have released,” says Henrik de Vries, Commercial Manager at the company. 

Game-changing spelt 
Kröner-Stärke’s pregelatinized spelt starch increases dough hydration, extending the shelf life of baked goods while avoiding the use of e-numbers and other additives. As a producer of organic starch products in Europe, Kröner-Stärke’s entire spelt range can also be produced in an organic format.

Click to EnlargeSpelt ingredients are ideal for producing breads, pastries and baking mixes, says Kröner-Stärke.With Europe experiencing an upward trend in consumers opting to follow plant-based or flexitarian diets, spelt makes an ideal basis for meat replacement applications. Its fibrous, meat-like consistency gives good texture control and ‘bite’ as well as being an excellent source of protein. Toward this end, it can work effectively as a meat substitute in burgers, sausages and nuggets. 

The all-natural production of the spelt range is based on a combination of selected spelt flour qualities and untreated spring water sourced from the company’s facility in Germany.

To celebrate some of the diverse applications its spelt products have been successfully used for, Kröner-Stärke has released a number of end product recipes. 

Ancient grains in the spotlight
The resurgence in ancient grains in recent years reflects rising levels of interest in alternative grain products positioned as traditional, natural and nutritious, with some also being suitable for gluten-free formulations.

Consumers increasingly prefer less processed foods, such as ancient grains. According to Innova Market Insights, their rise in popularity is evidenced by the average annual growth of 16 percent in global F&B launches tracked with ancient grains between 2014 and 2018. The most common ancient grain among relevant product launches is quinoa, followed closely by chia seeds.

Quinoa has been a trendy grain for some years, with its position being bolstered by its ever-expanding health halo and superfood status. The grain is increasingly featured in ready meals NPD and side dishes, as well as products that tout ancient grains on their labels, according to Innova Markets Insights. Quinoa is also commonly featured in sports nutrition applications, which particularly highlight its high-protein profile.

In May, Ingredion entered into a commercial agreement with Northern Quinoa Production Corporation (NorQuin) to globally distribute and market NorQuin’s quinoa flours. 

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