End-of-season assessment for Citrosol


Now that the 2019/20 citrus fruit campaign is over, the Produttori Associati Citrosol cooperative can make an assessment: there has been a considerable increase in sales during the lockdown (+26.04% in March and +25.81% in April), in particular for Fatti col Cuore™ and Voglio Bio® branded products. 

Above: Citrosol commercial director Gino Caggia

The future objective of the board of directors is to develop new products, plan productions to obtain constant quality and supply products that are excellent value for money.

Of course, in order to discuss new products and plans with clients, the sales office organized meetings via the most popular web platforms (Skype Businness and Zoom). After listening to the requests from Apoconerpo and all other clients, the technical office made plans for the next season with all partners. 

Above: products from the “Fatti col Cuore” range

Careful procurement and transplant planning are in fact essential to “Produttori Associati Citrosol”.

The cooperative envisages to increase the cultivated area by 15% compared to the past season, increasing the production of “Dolcinetto® Snack” and “Dolcinetto® Gourmet”, “Peperlini®”, “Friggitello della Fiumara dell’Ippari”, “Marzaninetto® Voglio Bio®” and “Ciliegino Voglio Bio®”. These are all local productions that have managed to become popular thanks to their great value for money. Retailers and consumers recognize their names, and that is why the brands were registered.

Above: products part of the “Voglio Bio” range

Increasing quality also means talking about sustainability and believing in nutrition based on healthy food produced consuming less soil and water resources and reducing carbon and nitrogen emissions. A lot is being done to safeguard biodiversity and the ecosystem so as to obtain food that is fair and accessible to all.

“Perlinetta di Comiso” grown in a state-of-the-art greenhouse

Partners undertake to grow high-quality products that respect the principles of circular economy, reusing waste material for the following production cycles and reducing waste. Everything goes hand in hand with the Farm to Fork (F2F) program part of the Green New Deal, which will enable the EU to transform into a clean circular economy, becoming the first continent with a zero-impact.

“Peperlini”, much-appreciated as a snack 

The president of the cooperative and the board of directors aim at increasing the foreign turnover of their “Fatti col Cuore™” range from 16 to 25% thanks to a series of promotional activities.

As for the future, Citrosol is hoping that the EU will manage to safeguard the work of European producers and the effort they are expected to make over the next few years in order to deal with competition from extra-EU producers not adopting the Green New Deal.

Produttori Associati Citrosol Soc. Coop. Agr.
Operating facility: Strada per Resinè, km 4,2
97019 Vittoria (Rg) – ITALY
Tel.: + 39 0932 1836200
Fax: +39 0932 980774
Sales director:
Gino Caggia
Cell: +39 335 5445060
Email: gino.caggia@citrosol.it
Website: www.citrosol.it  – www.fatticolcuore.it


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