Sports nutrition product development considerations with protein


Various ingredients and formulation strategies are available to brands looking to create standout protein products. When developing products designed to support activities ranging from bodybuilding to marathon running, it’s beneficial to further educate target consumers of the value and powerful recovery benefits of protein—particularly in the immediate post-workout period.

It’s important to clearly identify a product’s mission by gaining a better understanding of the target customer’s background and goals. If a brand is targeting hardcore athletes who exert significant amounts of energy, for example, brands should consider the value of including a protein that will enable those athletes to better recover, maintain muscle and prepare their bodies to go out and do it again.

Once a brand has a foundational understanding of its product’s mission and objectives, some of the key protein sources and their respective benefits to consider in the formulation process, include:

Whey proteins: Whey protein and whey protein isolate (filtered to remove carbs and fat and provide higher protein content) absorb instantly and are an excellent protein to include in a formula designed for post-workout after any level of activity. 

Taking whey protein up to 30 minutes following a workout enables the body to start rebuilding and recovering more immediately, as this is the point when muscle has been broken down.

Protein blends: Some of the best protein formulas on the market incorporate a variety of protein ingredients that offer multiple benefits.

For example, nutritional supplement and workout innovator Jim Stoppani has developed some excellent blend formulas, which include a mix of ingredients like whey protein isolate (immediate absorption), milk protein isolate (immediate absorption), casein protein (slower digestion and sustained release) and egg protein (medium range absorption).

Protein blends provide fast-, medium- and slow-release to help muscle repair immediately, as well as over a sustained period of time. Blends can be beneficial following any type of workout and they’re also good to take before bed or right after waking up.

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Charles DeVos is a sales executive for Lief Labs, an innovator in product ideation and formulation for the dietary supplement market. DeVos has been in the health and fitness industry for the past 20 years and has trained in multiple physical disciplines.


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