The truth about the ‘world’s healthiest’ cookie


Bains is touting his cookie as the “world’s healthiest snack,” and who’s to argue? The chef reached celebrity status when he unveiled “the healthiest meal in the world,” a curry dish that’s loaded with cinnamon and, Bains claims, is the antioxidant equivalent of 23 bunches of grapes (via Superfoodly). Bains’ inspiration was to combine Western superfoods and Asian spices in traditional Indian dishes. He explains his concept only works in Indian kitchens, where spices will not overpower the food. The concept behind world’s healthiest meal was expanded into a bestselling cookbook, Indian Superfood, according to Bains’ LinkedIn page. Bains kept the theme going with the world’s healthiest Christmas dinner, featuring turkey with all the trimmings and a fruit pudding, taking a meal that typically clocks in at 3,200 calories down to less than 1,000 (via

The chef’s newest creation, his healthy cookie, has become so popular among family and friends, that he bakes 100 of the gluten-free treats a week, and he’s thinking about offering them to the public. When he does, perhaps the people who make the menus at school cafeterias can slip the Chikitsa Crumble where the French fries used to be.


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