LVL Life’s superfood blends ride e-commerce, plant-based and COVID-19 waves


The firm was established just last year in June, and after initially starting by selling superfood ingredient powders, moved on to formulate superfood drink mixes after being told by consumers that they wanted something ‘more convenient’​.

“We now have three blends, all formulated from plant-based superfood ingredients, all vegan-friendly and all formulated to meet specific functions and needs for a person throughout the day,”​ LVL Life Co-Founder Avinash Aswani told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“Powders in a sachet are our preferred format as not only is it convenient, it can provide a high density of nutrients in a concentrated form – for example, the goodness of 7kg of moringa can be gotten from 1kg of moringa powder. It is also versatile and enables smoothie enthusiasts, a large part of our audience, to customise their smoothies according to the nutrients they want easily.”

LVL Life currently has three main superfood drink powder blends: Raw Focus+ for energy and productivity, which contains matcha for caffeine and L-theanine to drive energy, brahmi for focus and moringa for nutrients; Natural Immunity+ with orange powder for vitamin C, turmeric for anti-infammation and baobab for fibre; and Plant Protein+ with pea and brown rice proteins which contain anmino acids complementary to one another, maca root for energy and ashwaganda for endurance.

“When formulating Raw Focus+ for example, we were thinking: What can we provide in addition to what a cup of coffee, which only helps with focus but not with nutrients, can? And that’s how we’ve innovated and decided to use not only matcha to provide a up of coffee’s worth of caffeine (85mg), but also other nutrients,”​ said Aswani.


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