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A dog is a man’s best friend, so the saying goes, and this has been true ever since we first domesticated canines for hunting purposes many thousands of years ago. Dogs are fiercely loyal, can provide great companionship, and can be great protectors of our homes, so it is no surprise that we always have them by our sides. There are hundreds of different breeds to choose from, but in recent years there has been a trend towards large breed dogs. This means that from an early age it is important to get their nutrition right if they are going to grow up as healthy as they should, so here we are going to take a look at why large breed puppies need specialist food.

To prevent overnutrition

Large breed puppies grow incredibly quickly, indeed it is perfectly possible for them to put on over 150 pounds within their first 18 months. This rapid rate of growth means that they are highly sensitive to their nutritional intake as it will shape their overall health for years to come. Normally, puppy food is not designed for an animal that will grow at such a speed and will often include far more vitamins and nutrients that your dog will need, so it is important to choose a specialist feed to combat this. A large breed puppy will need less calcium, fat, and phosphorus in their diet otherwise it runs the risk of overnutrition so choosing the right food product is paramount if you want your puppy to live a long healthy life.

To prevent Orthopedic disease

Controlling your large breed puppy’s diet at a young age is highly important if you want to avoid the risk of orthopedic disease later in life. This can manifest itself in many ways due to musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis and dysplasia, so click here to understand more about which feed is most effective for your large breed of puppy, as it will help to prevent it developing such conditions in the future. Good quality food will include nutrients that help to prevent wear and tear on a dog’s joints and bones, and this combined with a healthy amount of exercise will ensure that your puppy has the best start to life as possible.

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To prevent obesity

Obesity is just as much an issue for canines as it is for human beings, and we all know what obesity will do for our overall health, so we should apply the same principles to our dogs. From the earliest age possible it is important to feed your large breed puppy a healthy, balanced diet with the correct portion size because, otherwise, they will attempt to eat like horses. The earlier that they can be trained into healthy eating habits, the better stead it will stand them for later life as they will develop into more controlled adult dogs, therefore they will be much less likely to suffer from diseases such as obesity. So, by ensuring that your puppy has a diet with the exact nutrition levels necessary for its size, you will be giving it the best possible chance of leading a long life without any health complications.

To prevent bloat

We all know what it feels like to be bloated, it can be extremely uncomfortable as gasses accumulate in our stomachs and is often very painful. Well, dogs can suffer bloat, just as humans can, the difference is that for dogs it can be fatal if not treated immediately. In fact, the best way of preventing bloat in dogs is to make sure that they have a diet full of the correct nutrients and vitamins. Unfortunately, bloat is much more common in large breed dogs, so it is extra important that puppies have the right diet so that they do not develop the symptoms of bloat from a young age. In this case, preventing bloating manifesting itself is key because it can be such a dangerous and difficult problem to overcome in later life, so ensure you are feeding your large breed puppy a specialist diet from day 1.

As we have learned, feeding your large breed puppy a specialist diet is much more important than it first seems because having a bad diet at the start of its life can lead to a whole host of complications in its adult life. Following a strictly controlled diet with the perfect levels of nutrients and vitamins will prevent overnutrition, obesity and musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis, so give your puppy the best start in life possible and feed it a specialist diet today.

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