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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nutrition and wellness brand VitaBounty partners with Walmart to make their VitaRenu superfood mix available through Selling through Walmart is a major victory for VitaBounty as the online retail giant is predicted to double their e-commerce sales from $15 billion in 2018 to nearly $38 billion by the end of 2020. VitaBounty innovates through new avenues to better nutrition with their proprietary supplement blends that make it easy to get a full day’s worth of fruits and vegetables. VitaBounty develops their products with the help of nutritional science experts to best deliver vitamins and minerals in a way that can be easily absorbed by the body.

More and more people are buying their supplements from home, to stay safe, and online retail expansion is a major turning point for VitaBounty. By listing products through Walmart, VitaBounty is able to tap into a large portion of the United States market that does not buy their supplements in specialty stores and may not otherwise find VitaRenu within the context of their usual shopping practices. VitaRenu is also entirely plant-based, so it is more allergen-friendly, and a great fit for Walmart’s diverse range of online buyers.

VitaRenu utilizes plant-based phytonutrients to help elevate energy levels and maintain that energy all day. VitaRenu is an instant superfood, with 100% bioactive ingredients, pre and probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a mix of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Besides using natural ingredients, VitaBounty is meticulous in identifying how ingredients best work synergistically. How ingredients work in tandem with one another can be just as integral to efficacy as how they work individually. The integration of both prebiotic inulin fiber, for instance, coupled with probiotics means that the probiotics are more likely to absorb into the microbiome of the gut. When the gut environment is happy, the whole body is happy, and more immediately able to absorb vitamins and phytonutrients, which serves to increase the potency of the antioxidants in VitaRenu.

VitaBounty is passionate about the interconnectedness of all elements of bodily health. Creating holistic nutritional products that really deliver is no easy task, but it is VitaBounty’s purpose. Another element, too often overlooked by supplement manufacturers, is taste. VitaBounty wanted to make sure that their VitaRenu formula was more than just appealing, but delicious, so that more people would feel encouraged to do something good for their health.

VitaBounty makes the health products that buyers wish they had known about for years, both great tasting and good for the body, simplifying the world of nutritional supplements. VitaRenu is currently for sale through VitaBounty’s website, as well as a number of major e-commerce sites – and now, for the first time, through

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