7 medicinal reasons to cook with olive oil


Olive oil is a nutritional and medicinal treasure of the Mediterranean, considered the best oil to use when cooking. Discover its wonderful therapeutic properties. You will not use another oil again!

Oil It’s one of the basic ingredients in the kitchen, is the fat par excellence for stewing and seasoning a long list of dishes. It is vitally important to select the healthiest variants when cooking, without a doubt extra virgin olive oil it turns out one of the more nutritious and balanced options that exist. Olive oil is considered the star ingredient of the Mediterranean diet considered one of the most recommended food trendsyes, since they are attributed immense properties for health, among which its healing benefits and in the prevention from a long list of degenerative diseases.

Nutrition and Medicine Specialists emphasize the great benefits of cook with olive oilin fact it is considered as the healthiest alternative; thanks in large part to its extraordinary content in essential nutrients, its antioxidant power, its high content of monounsaturated fats and oleic acid.

Healing reasons for cooking with olive oil:

1. It improves intestinal health

The consumption of olive oil is a great ally of the digestive and intestinal systems this is because it acts as a protective agent, has the peculiarity of normalizing gastric secretions which enhances the good intestinal transit. Increase the pH of the intestinal tract and is therefore a good ally for people who suffer from esophageal reflux or heavy digestion, it is also a good ingredient for improve the quality of intestinal flora and combat constipation.

2. Good ally against diabetes

According to information released by the American Diabetes Association follow one Mediterranean diet that include olive oil like the main contribution in healthy fats he is able to reduce cases of diabetes by 50%. Its benefits are associated with its antioxidant power and his extraordinary content in healthy fats they have the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and increase the insulin production.

3. Cholesterol control

One of the great benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil is in your power to protect and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, its unique compounds and healthy fats have the peculiarity of eliminate excess bad cholesterol “LDL” of the arterial walls. Thanks to this, the risk of suffering is decreased cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke; at the same time its oleic acid content is a great ally for protect the heart.

4. Relieves pain

Among the great benefits of olive oil are its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, this is due to its content in a substance called oleocantal. It is associated with benefits for decrease chronic inflammation which is the origin of various degenerative diseases and it is a good medicinal food to reduce certain pain such as the case of joints and muscle aches.

5. Strengthens the immune system

The antioxidant power and essential nutrients containing olive oil have the ability to improve immune response, is therefore one of the main dietary recommendationss in various eating plans for people with various chronic diseases. At the same time, it is proven that the habitual consumption of olive oil is related to a increased production of white blood cells as is the case with lymphocytes, responsible for increasing the body’s defenses.

6. It improves cognitive functioning

Olive oil is considered a good friend of brain function, this is due to its content in polyphenols which are active compounds which they act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, the benefits for enhance the birth of new neurons. It also intervenes positively its content in healthy fats that relate to benefits for improve memory, concentration levels, learning and qualities are attributed to it delay mental decline.

7. A great friend for a healthy weight

Enjoy a healthy body weight goes beyond an aesthetic aspect, is directly related to the state of health. The olive oil It is considered one of the best natural fats to lose weight, this is because it is considered a food with great nutritional power and thanks to his compounds, antioxidants and healthy fats provides more satiety, this decreases cravings and hunger. It is a good complement to cook and season foods without considerably increasing the caloric intake in the dishesat the same time is associated with benefits to deflate the belly, eliminate toxins and fluid retention, which are often the cause of overweight and obesity.



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