How many calories should you eat per day to really lose weight?


The golden rule to lose weight, states that we must spend more calories than we consume. Find out what the specialists are saying on the subject and lose those extra pounds in a healthy way and without rebound

Lose weight it’s one of those themes that it never gets old-fashioned and it is that beyond being a important aesthetic aspect, is directly related to the health condition decade individual. Nutrition specialists recommend losing 2 pounds per week, however when talking about the amount of total calories to achieve lose weight it is a little more complicatedThis is because there are several aspects that are important to consider and that influence the calorie needs from each person.

1. Factors that determine caloric requirements

to get started it is important to understand that calorie needs are a concept that it varies throughout people’s lives and this is determined by a series of factors among which are considerations like the following:

Physical activity level.
Age and gender.
Body composition.
Having illness or injury.
Chronic health conditions, among which the diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, among other.

Another key aspect is a concept called basal metabolic rate or BMRwhich in simpler terms is the measurement that expresses the total daily amount of energy (in kcal) that the body needs at rest to perform its essential functions like breathing, pumping blood and digesting nutrients. From there on total number of calories for keep the current weight It can be calculated based on the previously mentioned aspects such as age, height, weight, sex and level of physical activity.

Currently there are many online calculators which are a help tool to determine basal metabolic rate and the total caloric needs, it is worth mentioning that it’s never an exact number you have to think about it rather like a range (not as a specific number) and it is important to know that they are individualized.

All the calories are the same?

This is one of the main questions that arise when we understand the concept of “Calories” and despite representing a basic energy measurement; it is important to know that human beings we eat foods that contain calories, which represent a nutrient content among which his contribution in proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The answer from various nutrition specialists is simple “Not all calories are equal” it is because of that caloric intake is incomparable that contain certain foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, or seeds, against foods like fast foods, industrial pastries, sweets or sugary drinks; although in some cases they may have similar caloric values create a completely different biological response in the body.

How many calories should we consume to lose an average of 2 pounds a week?

Nutrition specialists ensure that eating the correct amounts of calories ensures a weight loss of approximately £ 2 per week. One pound is the equivalent to 3,500 calories, so if we eliminate 500 calories from each day for a week it is estimated 1 pound less. Hence to lose 2 pounds per week you will have to reduce or burn 1.00 calories per day. However, it is vitally important to have the correct professional supervision for avoid any nutritional deficiencies and especially based on the main recommendation that it proposes focus on quality and not in “the amount” of daily calories. It is more interesting to learn about nutritional content of food and choose to take healthy decisions, which stand out for provide satiety and a wealth of nutrients, these types of actions ensure long-term success and new eating habits.

What to do if we are not used to counting calories?

The million dollar question is What to do if we don’t usually count calories? The reality is that most of the most popular diets are based on the calorie restriction, to achieve good results. While they exist wonderful and professional eating plans, which are a good alternative to have a greater awareness of the actual calorie consumption especially when we are starting on the road, they are not the only rule.

Opt for a more intuitive eating style and avoid obsessing Counting calories per day is a better long-term approach. Various experts agree on the benefits of switching to schemes in which it is established a meal plan with an estimated daily calorie range and above all that promote creating new eating habits. Choosing these actions is open the door to more conscious eating which is recognized by thoroughly change the quality of the diet and such action naturally leads to weightlossIt is also a good habit to avoid “rebound effect”.

In conclusion, the best approach is to consume a balanced and complete diet, without prohibitions or restrictions and integrating all food groups. The best recommendation is to look for the advice from a specialized dietitian to help you customize a calorie plan that allows you to lose weight and enjoy whole foods like froutes, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and healthy fats.



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