Plant-based nutrition, vegan products see traction during Covid times


Chennai: The Covid pandemic has led to an increase in demand for plant-based nutrition and vegan products. “People are moving away from animal-based products and there is a demand for soy and almond milk in our portal,” said Deepti Nambiar, co-founder, GetMokshaa. The company is seeing a 45% jump in demand since the onset of Covid. “We are not able to make everyday delivery possible because of the restrictions in each zone. But are almost sold out of soy milk, almond milk etc and we deliver for 2-3 days a week,” she added.
With the threat of animal-based link to Covid infections, veganism and consumption of plant-based products is increasing. In the West, companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods – that cater to vegans – are seeing a doubling in takers for plant-based meat.
Industry players add that India is taking baby steps towards consumption of plant-based nutrition and vegan products. Companies selling vegan products are seeing a 40-60% jump in demand since the onset of Covid.
Monica Chopra, founder, Eco Trunk is seeing a demand in vegan energy bars and vegetarian meat that have a greater shelf life. “The demand is because of two broad conceptions in the minds of consumers. One, animal-based products have a greater chance of resulting in weight gain, diabetes and hypertension and patients with these conditions find it harder to recover from coronavirus infections. Second, there is evidence of direct correlation between animals and Covid infections. We also see new sign ups on our platform because of this,” she added.
The trend is also seen in the snacks category. “We are seeing a greater focus on foods that focus on nutrition immunity building and something that is natural. We have a range of nachos based on vegetables and pumpkins and beetroot and spinach that is showing more traction than other products. Consumers are thinking about how to keep themselves healthy while staying at home. While nachos as a category is growing at 30%, the vegetable-based ones grew at 50%-60% in April compared to previous months,” said Vikram Agarwal, managing director of Greendot Health Foods, known for its nacho crisps brand Cornitos.
Nutraceutical firms are Oziva, a plant based nutraceutical firm is also seeing a demand in its products to the tune of 40%. “Plant protein-based foods and superfoods doing well. For some customers, sourcing healthy vegetables is difficult and superfoods, which have all the nutrients packed are seeing a demand. The other advantage they offer is improved immunity,” said Aarti Gill, co-founder, Oziva.


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