Nestle assess further APAC launches for nesQino after China Tmall debut


nesQino consists of a machine, three base sachets (smoothie, oat shake, milk shake), and seven superfood sachets. Consumers can mix and match the different sachets to create 21 different superfood drink recipes.

The nesQino sachets are extracted from fruits, vegetables, roots, and microalgae, with no additives or preservatives.

Angelo Giardini, senior vice president and business executive officer at Nestle China told us​: “Every one of these natural ingredients is nutritious, delicious, healthy, and low in fats and calories​.”

Chinese consumers

According to Nini Chiang, chief marketing officer at Nestle Greater China, the company chose to launch in China because it is its second largest market in the world, and more than 90% of its products in the country are produced locally.

Chinese consumers have rigorous requirements for their health, and they are increasingly looking for solutions to address their individual health needs.”

When developing nesQino, our Chinese R&D teams set out to fully meet Chinese consumer demands for a high quality, healthy life. We hope to be the first to introduce a unique product like this to consumers through the dynamic China market​,” Chiang said.

Giardini added that Chinese consumers, especially those in the Gen Y and Gen Z age range, were key targets: “They are cosmopolitan, and they are individual, they take nutrition and health seriously while maintaining an easy-going lifestyle,” ​he added.

Online focus

The product is sold on Nestle’s flagship store on Tmall with the machine retailing at RMB688 (USD97), the superfood and base sachets cost RMB65 (USD9) and RMB35 (USD5) respectively for five sachets each.


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