What are the types of flour and how they beneficial for health


If there’s one thing in our meal that makes us feel satiated and happy with it’s taste and texture, then it has to be that perfectly cooked bread. No matter what you eat, every meal is incomplete without this one delicacy. Right from fluffy brown bread to sourdough bread to Indian flatbreads, every cuisine has a unique bread, which is paired with some sumptuous delicacies.

Even in India, every region has a distinctive culinary culture and eating habits, but one thing that remains constant is the pairing of flatbreads, but yes every type of cuisine and region has a unique type of bread as a part of their meals. This is also because of the local produce and eating traditions. Interestingly, not only the types of bread differ, the type of flour used for each bread also differs. Here’s a low down on how these different flours are used and what their health benefits.


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