Overcharging of vegetable basket will invite action, says Indore Municpal Corporation


Indore Municipal Corporation on Thursday reiterated that the price of vegetable basket to be delivered through grocers has been fixed at Rs 150 and if any grocer demands a higher price, he would face action.

During coordination meetings at zones, attended by zonal officers, vegetable traders and grocers, the officers made it clear that people can’t be charged anything above Rs 150 for the vegetable basket and had asked people to complain if they are charged higher.

The meetings were held for developing coordination between zonal officers, vegetable traders and grocers.

The grocers were told that vegetables should not be supplied from their shop counters.

“Like grocery, sale of vegetable from store counter is prohibited,” Zone 16 zonal officer Sumit Ashthana said.

Besides, the vegetable traders were told to ensure that only good quality vegetables are kept in the basket.

The orders for vegetable supply have to be taken from May 2. IMC on Wednesday had released a list of grocers with their mobile phone numbers, zone and ward-wise, who will take orders of vegetable from residents and supply the same.

On March 30, collector Manish Singh had prohibited sale of vegetables, barring onions and potatoes which do not get stale for a longer period, fearing that it could turn into COVID carrier.

However, now he has allowed the sale under strict monitoring.

What will you get in packet?

The packet will contain 200 grams of coriander, 200 grams of chilli, 100 grams of ginger, two lemons, 1 kg of gourd, 500 grams of ladyfinger, 1 kg of tomatoes and one local vegetable, including spinach, cabbage, cucumber etc.


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