Eliot Strong Provides Help For Seniors In Maine


Seniors are one of the groups of people most affected by Covid-19.  According to the Center for Disease Control, older adults fall into the high risk category. This makes it difficult to go out and get necessary essentials, or even get support from family members inside their home.

That’s where State Rep. Michelle Meyer comes in.  Meyer posted on Facebook about a new grassroots organization she’s started to help out seniors in the Eliot area.  Whether it’s a prescription that needs to be picked up, or just a friendly ear, volunteers are coming together to provide those services.

According to Seacoastonline.com, Meyer is a registered nurse and farmer who represents District 2, Eliot and parts of South Berwick and Kittery.   Meyer tells Seacoastonline.com that when legislature adjourned she wanted to find a way to help her constituents.

She posted on Facebook about Eliot Strong and the numbers of people willing to help quickly rose from about 100 to over 1200.

Meyer’s Facebook page provides information on Coronavirus, and also has a special “announcements” section.  That’s where people can volunteer to run errands and provide comfort to seniors in their area, and it’s a place that those people that need help can ask for it!

Meyer posts on Facebook that if this is something you’d like to start in your community, just reach out. They are more than happy to help get you started!


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