Dietitian explains best foods to stock up on if the power goes out and you’re in quarantine


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — During a pandemic, you’re advised to not be in public places, especially the grocery store, unless you absolutely have to go. So, that means stocking up on essentials when you go and those should be foods that won’t go bad quickly. Dietitian Kristi Edwards with 901 Nutrition said granola, nuts, and whole-grain snacks are good to have on hand.  

“Some other good things to keep on hand are canned fruits and vegetables and dried fruit,” Edwards said. “Usually, with canned vegetables and fruit, a quick rinse is all it takes. So you’re good to go and it’s something nutritious.”

She said if you can’t find canned fruits and vegetables that are lower in sugar and sodium, you can rinse them to lower the amounts. You can still buy a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits that can stay at room temperature. 


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