Celebrate National Nutrition Month bite by bite


Kathie Cox Health educator

Every March Scotland County Health Department celebrates “National Nutrition Month” to promote the health benefits of eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products because we know that getting enough physical activity and choosing nutritious foods CAN make a significant difference in your health!

This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month is ““Eat Right, Bite by Bite, promotes eating a variety of nutritious foods every day, planning and creating healthy meals each week. “Developing healthy eating habits does not mean making drastic lifestyle changes,” said registered dietitian nutritionist Jerlyn Jones, a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics based in Atlanta, GA. “And if you have access to a nutritionist or Registered Dietician, they can help clients develop individualized eating and activity plans with simple steps that can help them meet their health goals, and these simple steps can become lifelong habits.”

In addition, Registered Dieticians, Nutritionists and sometimes Health Educators can provide recipe ideas, cooking tips and other health advice for everyday issues such as cooking dinner or meal preparation for picky eaters. They also help clients manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension and often work as part of a medical team to help clients set nutrition goals to improve their health.

Why not add a splash of color to your meals in March and in the months to come. When you eat a variety of colorful fruits and veggies each day, you will nourish your body with important nutrients that will keep you young and healthy. We’ve all heard the old saying “You Are What You Eat”…..so why not make a commitment to eat healthy as often as possible, lose excess weight, be mindful of portion sizes, exercise more and become a role model for those around you.

We encourage you to celebrate “National Nutrition Month” with us because Public Health Matters! Visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/ScotlandCountyDPH for helpful tips and resources and for more information on healthy eating, please visit www.EatRight.org, or www.EatSmartMoveMoreNC, or call Kathie Cox, Health Educator II, Healthy Communities Coordinator, at Scotland County Health Department, (910) 277-2470, Ext. 4478 for additional resources.

Kathie Cox Health educator


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