What We Get Wrong When Shopping For A Greens Powder


While you may already be sure to shop organic in the produce section, it’s important not to neglect that practice when it comes to picking a greens powder. “It’s really a shame, but the way we grow crops these days is a disaster,” said Rountree.

“The ones that seem to be the biggest deal these days are the organophosphates, which are just a kind of pesticide,” explained Rountree, “It has been shown that if you put kids on an organic vegetable diet, and you measure organophosphates in their urine, within three days, the levels dropped by something like 90%.”

The benefits of sea veggies can also help fight the hormonal disruptors non-organic practices can introduce: “We know that there are certain foods that can help balance out the toxic hormone endocrine disruptors that we’re being exposed to,” said Rountree, “and sea vegetables are one example of that.”


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