Washing produce is a step like washing hands


Corrections & Clarifications: A subhead in an earlier version of this story misstated the effectiveness of soaps and chemicals in killing the COVID-19 virus. 

Some questions may be running through your mind as the coronavirus pandemic wears on. 

Is that apple at the supermarket contaminated? Did someone with COVID-19 sneeze on the peaches?

While there’s no evidence or documented cases of COVID-19 that suggest the virus can be transmitted through food, experts told USA TODAY that there still is a chance to get sick if you pick up an item someone infected has sneezed or coughed on.

And while most people make good decisions, all it takes is one bad one to increase the risk. In Pennsylvania, a woman went through a grocery store coughing on food in what the store’s co-owner called a “twisted prank.”

Felicia Goulet-Miller, an instructor of microbiology at Florida Gulf Coast University, said food items, including fresh produce, can spread the disease.


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