15 Things John Krasinski Does To Stay In Shape


From working in an office to becoming a Navy SEAL named Jack Ryan, it took quite the transition for John Krasinski, who went from a 25% body fat to an outstanding 9% just in time for the film.

In this list, we’ll take a look at the things he was doing not only to get in that shape but to maintain it. John admitted on the Jimmy Kimmel show that it really wasn’t easy and most important of all, it took some serious commitment both in and out of the gym.

We’ll discuss some of his favorite workouts, which foods he was eating and everything in between. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

Here are 15 things John Krasinski does to stay in shape!

15 Pull-Up Power

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John admitted that prior to meeting his trainer, Jason Walsh, he wasn’t even able to hit a single pull-up.

Well, his very same weakness turned into one of his strengths after months of serious training and dropping weight. That one tough pull up turned into 20 with absolute ease; he has some serious bodyweight power!

14 High Water Intake

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He sat down with Jimmy Kimmel, detailing some of the aspects of his rigorous diet.

John actually had dinner over at Jimmy’s during his body transformation; according to Jimmy, John was just pounding down waters all night while eating his usual foods which we’ll detail a little later. Now that’s some serious dedication!

13 A Lot Of Muscle Endurance Exercises

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It was a rude awakening for Krasinski, as he expected movements like the bench press when he first met his trainer. Playing the role of a Navy SEAL, John’s trainer incorporated lots of cardio drills.

Among the toughest, according to John himself, was the sled-pull, which is a grueling exercise both in terms of strength and endurance.

12 Workouts With Fellow Celebs

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Now that’s one way to keep things interesting, get in a workout with your fellow Hollywood peers. John did that a couple of times in the past with the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pratt.

It must’ve been an honor for John to enter DJ’s gym, given that The Rock rarely allows anyone in there.

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11 Three Separate Muscle Split Days

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According to Men’s Health, John follows a three-day rotation, but we’ll usually hit the gym 5-6 times per week.

During the three-day rotation, he’ll hit a push, pull and leg split. Push features chest, triceps and shoulders while the pull days feature back and biceps. And then, there’s the dreaded leg day!

10 Greens, Greens And More Greens

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When asked on Jimmy Kimmel’s show about how he burned so much fat and managed to turn it into muscle, The Office star pointed at salads as a big reason as to why, especially in terms of nutrition.

He was pounding down lots of greens, basically over and over again at a robotic pace.

9 Lots Of Chicken

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Accompanying the salad on the norm was a chicken breast. Of course, a lean protein like chicken is part of any diet plan out there.

In order to fuel tough workouts, trainees like John must replenish, with lean protein sources like chicken, meant to build and repair.

8 Runs Outdoors

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As he detailed in his IG post with Chris Pratt, Krasinski doesn’t shy away from training outdoors, neither does he shy away from going for a run. He detailed once of his rigorous Memorial Day sessions alongside Pratt;

“1 mile, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups,300 air squats, and 1 mile.” Who needs weight, right!?

7 Workouts Divided Into Different Stages

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According to John’s trainer via Men’s Health, his workouts usually consist of different stages. One of them is dedicated to power, while the other works on John’s muscle endurance, which can be regarded as the fat burning stage of the workout.

He’ll also mix in several bodyweight movements, including the previously mentioned pull-ups along with push-ups as well.

6 Training Twice A Day

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While getting shredded for 13 Hours, John hit the gas pedal when it came to his workouts.

He admitted to training twice a day at that point, one portion dedicated to weight training while the other session featured cardio only. All his hard work paid off not only for the film but with various magazines as well, such as Men’s Health.

5 Loves The Bench Press

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This is a personal preference for John, who loves the bench press. The actor stated that he loves the fact that the exercise constantly provides a challenge; he’s always motivated to improve the lift.

Of course, he kept this exercise during his rigorous diet and training program on route to his performance as a Navy SEAL.

4 Carbs Used To Fuel Workouts

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Unlike lots of trendy diets that feature no carbohydrates at all, John goes a different route by using them as a fuel source – especially during his tough workouts.

Carbohydrates, if used properly, can be a great way to add gas to the engine during a grueling workout session.

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3 Training 5-6 Times A Week

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While getting in shape for the role, John was a regular at the gym, hitting up workout sessions between five and six times per week.

He usually had a rest day – though it didn’t involve much of a cheat meal and in truth, it was just hard work and consistency that caused the transformation.

2 A Lot Of Bodyweight Movements

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As we stated earlier, a lot of John’s success in the weights room was all thanks to his bodyweight power – which improved drastically over time.

Among his favorites included, of course, push-ups, which is a great chest builder. He also thrived on the pull-ups, and planks were used when sculpting his ripped abs.

1 How He Went From 25% To 9% Body Fat

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John was a little embarrassed to reveal that he was once at 25% body fat, when starting off.

On the road to his role as Jack Ryan, the actor went all the way down to 9%. His secret? Flat out consistency. Staying consistent with both food and exercise, most of all.

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Sources – Men’s Health & YouTube

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