Healthy-ish dinner – SUNSTAR


IT WAS a spur of a moment decision to dine at the newly opened location of the Happy Fit Nutrition Club at the Wheel n’ More Compound along JP Laurel Avenue.

The food establishment used to be located along Torres Avenue but just recently moved to a much bigger location here. They have been known to be the go-to food hub for health buffs. They not only serve nutritious dishes but also sell items that would interest health buffs.

I was supposed to eat at a fast food chain near where I live but eventually decided to have dinner here two days in a row.

For my first visit, I ordered the Chicken Teri and Fresh Buko Juice. On my second visit, I had the Bacon Wrap and Burgains, their version of the burger. I also had an Apple Juice to go with my meal on the second visit.

I loved the Chicken Teri, which was served with black rice. The chicken and its sauce was very tasty. I also liked that despite the strong flavor of black rice, the whole dish was balanced. Of the food I had here, this is my favorite.

When I was ordering the wraps, I was torn between having the Chicken Wrap or the Bacon Wrap. Went for the bacon because it is bacon. Who does not love bacon?

Anyway, the Bacon Wrap was just okay. They used bacon chunks instead of strips. I find the bacon to be very salty. It was so salty that the vegetables and sauce have become salty too. Also it was not easy to eat as a wrap because the chunks were just falling off. I think it would have been better if they went with the strips.

The Burgains sounded good and I was interested to try their take on the burger. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy their burger. I find the patty to be very dry. I had to take a drink to be able to chew and swallow a bite of the burger properly. It was also quite messy to eat when everything was about to fall off after each bite. The best part of the burger dish was its side of vegetable chips. I love these chips and when their supplier displays these during food bazaars, I always buy a pack.

The buko juice and apple juice were refreshing. Though I would prefer the buko juice over most fruit juices for most of the time.

It was a mixed bag when I had dinner at the Happy Fit Nutrition Club. While I enjoyed the Chicken Teri, the other two I had were a miss for me. They could tone down the saltiness of the bacon wrap or add something that would balance it. For the burger, something that would make the patty juicier.


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