GNC is ‘There for you’, Italy sets THC levels for supplements, and more



GNC launches ‘wellness coaches’ with new ad campaign

US supplement retailing giant GNC has rolled out a new ad campaign which emphasizes their focus on personalization.

One of the key messages in the new commercial is, “Whatever you’re into, or wanna get into, we’ll help you get your goal on.”

Joshua Schall of J. Schall Consulting told NutraIngredients-USA, “The newest ‘There for you’ is a big change from the ‘Programs that fit’ campaign of 2019 for GNC. They have moved past event-based selling and are now positioning themselves as a retailer that can add value to your healthy lifestyle…however personalized it is.”

Schall added that GNC was successful in highlighting diverse lifestyles that aren’t centered around the traditional gym experience.

“GNC seems to be attempting to distance itself from the damaging consumer perception that they are mostly a place for male gym rats,” ​said Schall. “They show it right at the beginning to say ‘we are still here for you’ but quickly pivot to the remaining commercial making consumers realize they are so much more today. This is a smart move by GNC because these male gym rats have been the first and most aggressive consumer category to shift to a self-directed purchase path with buying active nutrition products online at a retailer like Amazon.”

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Probiotics most popular non-vitamin / mineral pick for children

Almost 20% of Japanese boys and girls consumer probiotic supplements, making them the most popular non-vitamin and non-mineral dietary supplement for children in the country, according to a recent survey.


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