OKC business uses genetics to tailor diet plan to personal needs


“The people who are the most successful follow the plan and really track (their activity),” Wolper said.

The coaches help provide recommendations for physical activity to pair with the dieting, but they are focused on the nutrition first.

Some of the food included as part of the diet plans is purchased in-store. But not everything eaten comes from Profile, and meal plans are supplemented with fresh produce and proteins from a traditional grocer, Ivey said. The Oklahoma City location is in the same shopping center as a Sprouts Farmers Market, and sometimes a coach will walk with a client to the store to help educate on making better grocery store purchases.

The business makes money through its membership fees and food sales. Costs for the membership fees differ depending on monthly versus annual rates, and those fees cover the coaching, which continues throughout the year.

Food costs for the Profile plan-approved goods range between $80-$120 per week, Ivey said. This may seem like a lot, but as Ivey explained it can be cheaper than eating out for lunch every work day during the week.

In fact, Ivey himself found this to be true as he lost more than 40 pounds through the program, which is part of why he found it to be the kind of business opportunity he sought to invest in.

The store’s growth started slower than Ivey hoped for, but he said the business has seen greater rates of growth each month since opening. Profile currently has more than 14,000 members who use the company’s services across the nation, with many stores clustered in the upper Midwest.

Ivey hopes to open three additional stores in Oklahoma City and four in Tulsa in the future. By the end of 2020, he hopes to open a second Oklahoma City location and one in Tulsa.


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