Shining a spotlight on the outdoor sport supplement void


“Most people these days are so trapped in a plastic box. We wear clothes and shoes, and never actually touch the ground, which is crazy.”

That’s the sentiment of Nate Cox, the co-founder of TruWild, a supplement brand for outdoor athletes.

Cox, one of the brainchilds of TruWild, is also VP of business development at Lief Labs, a full-service contract manufacturer. Armed with just $10,000, his background, and desire to fill the whitespace in the outdoor supplement space, Cox and co-founder Zac Curhan developed the brand by taking a grassroots approach. 

In search of something better 


Nathan Cox, TruWild

Cox told NutraIngredients-USA​ that he used to take high-stimulant-based pre-workout drinks for both the gym and outdoor sports, but they left him feeling fatigued, dehydrated, and unfocused. 

“I would always take pre-workouts because I was so used to taking them whenever I did something physical. I noticed when I was taking products that were mainly meant for a gym, my performance levels would go down. When I met the other TruWild co-founder Zac, a fellow surfer, climber, an outdoor enthusiast, we sat down and discussed trying other natural products that might help you perform better at outdoor activities.” 

Moving mountains 

Cox and Curhan noticed that the locals relied heavily on nature to help increase their performance. With that in mind, TruWild’s ingredients come from around the world, inspired by their exotic travels to places like Tanzania and Patagonia.

Cox harkened back to the time he traveled to Peru to climb Machu Picchu.

“When you climb, they have a lot of natural herbs that all these sherpas take and they give them to you along the trail.”​ That trip inspired their first performance product, Motion. 


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