Why Organ Meats Are The Best Superfood + A Keto-Friendly Recipe


Liver is the most popular organ meat, and the concentration of nutrients earns it the nickname “nature’s multivitamin.” Other popular consumable organs are heart, kidney, brain (rich in omega-3s, just like our brains!), sweetbread (from the thymus or pancreas), and tripe (stomach lining).

If you’re a kitchen novice unsure of how to cook organs, or don’t immediately swoon over the taste of liver, you can start by pureeing some liver and/or kidney into your hamburger patties and frying up the infused burgers as usual. Try frying up some tongue or heart if you want a milder flavor. The popular Mexican soup, menudo, uses the very chewy tripe, along with beef feet and tendons, to obtain its distinctive flavor. 

Or you can create this simple keto-friendly chicken liver recipe to get your organ meat quota. This Filipino adobo-style (marinated in soy sauce) dish also works with beef liver. Even kids love this recipe!


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