Check Your Health: Diet principles for a successful 2020


(KUTV)-Sixty percent of Americans make new year’s resolutions each year with the majority of those resolutions focused on diet, weight loss, and exercise. Since 80 percent of resolutions fail by February, how can you be more successful in making a change to your diet?

Sara Browning, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital, says in 2020, instead of making a diet resolution, try focusing on 2 important principles regarding your food.

1. Focus on doing good for your body: Many of us decide to lose weight in the new year, or to eat healthier. Instead, make a specific goal to do something good for your body each day. You might decide you want to drink more water today, or that you want to eat fish instead of a hamburger tomorrow. Each small change will lead to a healthier you in 2020.

2. Recognize what you’re doing well: New Year’s resolutions and the inevitable breaking of them often leads to feelings of guilt around food. This year try acknowledging what you are doing well and build on it. If you already eat fruit for breakfast, cheer yourself on and decide to add a piece of fruit for lunch as well.

Good nutrition comes from many small habits: As you focus on taking care of your body and the good you are already doing, you can start to build small habits that lead to big results in your health for 2020.


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