How to lose weight fast: 10 strategies to start losing weight and burning belly fat now


If your new year’s resolution is to lose belly fat and get fit, don’t be caught out by the numerous ‘quick fixes’ that promise a flat stomach in ten days. The unfortunate truth is there are no shortcuts, so put away that weird ab-blaster thing you saw on QVC. However, there are ways to lose weight that are tried and trusted. Not easy and quick, perhaps, but achievable. It’s not really a matter of how to get a six pack so much as feeling comfortable with the girth of your stomach.

If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee expert advice and key tips to lose belly fat quickly, healthily and sustainably, developing habits to ensure you’ll stay trim for good. We’ve also got the lowdown on the best exercises to lose belly fat, and all the gear you’ll need to get started.

Is there one “best” way to lose belly fat?


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