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China registration rules: Foreign food companies must now pass ‘expert panel’ reviews

Foreign food companies seeking registration approval for both plant and animal products in China​ will need to pass the review of two ‘expert panels’ formed by selected customs officers, as recently emphasised by an updated set of regulations published on the country’s customs website.

These updated rules are under the purview of the Department of Animals and Plants of the General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China, and apply to all companies dealing with the production, processing and storage of animals, plants and the related products who wish to apply for the registration of these in the country.

In the updated regulatory document as published by GAC on November 29, after an application is received from any foreign company that fits the above criteria, an initial documentation review will take place before the application is accepted.

After acceptance, the department will then take steps to form an expert panel to review the application.

Premium protection: Japan plans to strengthen IPs for high-end fruit and veggies

Japan is looking to strengthen intellectual property (IP) control over its premium fruits and vegetables​ being sold overseas in an effort to stop its high-end agricultural crops from being grown, and ultimately sold as the produce of other countries.

According to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), amongst the crops that have been impacted by failure to properly implement IP control overseas have included the high-end Shine Muscat grapes which have been grown by other countries such as China and Korea.


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