Everipe gears up to launch new-to-the world shelf-stable smoothie kits at Walmart


Right now, says New York based co-founder Kerry Roberts, you can buy a mound of fresh produce (half of which will probably end up rotting in the fridge) and start peeling and chopping; you can buy multiple bags of pre-cut frozen fruits; or you can buy sachets of smoothie powders, which don’t deliver the same sensory experience as the real thing.  

Everipe​ shelf-stable smoothie kits – which contain a blend of freeze-dried fruits, veggies and chia seeds – make life considerably easier, says Roberts, who teamed up with Toronto-based entrepreneur Greg McMullen in 2017: “You just pour the contents into your blender, add one cup of water or milk and one cup of ice, and blend for 90 seconds.

“Greg had gone through fresh, frozen, and powders and he wanted something with all the convenience of a powder with all the joy of real foods,” ​she told FoodNavigator-USA.

“Them he stumbled upon freeze-dried technology, which suddenly unlocked all these benefits. It took several months to find a manufacturing partner, develop the packaging and tweak the recipes, and we launched the brand online in January 2019.”

‘We met in the lunchbreak. Within the hour they had invited us to Bentonville’

However, the big break came in June 2019 after a serendipitous meeting at a conference in New York.

We were just there to learn, but they had a speaker from Walmart talking about how they want to work with emerging brands. We got chatting during a networking break and they took one look at the product, saw it was shelf stable but that it had no preservatives or added sugars, and within the hour they had invited us to ​[Walmart’s HQ in] Bentonville.”


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