Breaking the mold on pet nutrition


Venusha Moodley-Nirmal is a microbiologist and owner of LittleAngels Pet Nutrition.

Commercial pet food is leading to our pets’ untimely demise.

This is according to Venusha Moodley-Nirmal, a Ballito microbiologist and now pet nutrition expert, who stumbled upon a dynamic new business venture when she started employing her expertise towards her own cats and monitoring their responses.

Improved skin, an energetic demeanour and an ultimately prolonged livelihood were some of the benefits of feeding her pets what they needed.

This discovery led Venusha to develop LittleAngels Pet Nutrition, a Ballito-based initiative that supplies quality raw food to pet owners.

Sought after both locally and internationally for her advice, experience and combination of science with animal nutrition, Venusha has rewritten the basics about what we feed our cats and dogs and why they develop expected illnesses and ailments such as obesity, diabetes, kidney disease and allergies at various stages of life.

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Her small factory in Umhlali is the stomping ground for the production of pet food generated from human-grade meat and features protein sources such as chicken, beef, lamb, duck, ostrich and rabbit.

Venusha feels that no distinction should be made between the quality of what we feed ourselves and give to our pets as their dietary concerns deserve no less respect or attention.

“The ailments that people expect their pets to have because of their breed or age can be avoided by effective and nutritious pet food that lends to an animal’s biology,” said Venusha, who explains that a lot can be told about a pet’s health by the condition of their scat.

“Commercial pet foods like kibble/pellets contain a lot of carbohydrates that make animals feel full, but do not supply them with the most bio-available and digestible form of essential proteins and nutrients that their bodies need to prevent many common illnesses that we see today.”

LittleAngels Pet Nutrition and Venusha won second place in the Ilembe Entrepreneur 2019 competition for her successful startup.

Both the company and herself are a hybrid between supplying nutritiously balanced pet food and the consultations that Venusha does herself, providing advice to clients who contact her from as far as the USA for advice on what to feed their cats or dogs.

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Being as dedicated towards animals as she is to her own husband and child, Venusha keeps her pet food in storage at a monitored temperature and is as pedantic about where she obtains her raw meats, as she is about her food preparation – hair nets and gloves are required before stepping into her manufacturing room.

All because holistic pet care starts with their diet, which dictates their health before anything else.

Contact Venusha at 076 143 2959, or visit her Facebook pages at 3LittleAngels Pet Nutrition and V’s Pet Wellness Site for a personal and important extension to your pet’s well-being.

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