SlowBurn helps clients ‘get fit safely in less time’


Fredrick Hahn, center, has promoted his book, ‘The SlowBurn Fitness Revolution,” on the Today Show, with Hoda Kotb, right, and Kathie Lee Gifford.

One of the most common excuses for not exercising is lack of time. What if you could build strength, lose weight, and improve your overall health in just 30 minutes a week? It’s all possible with the SlowBurn training method, taught exclusively at SlowBurn Personal Training Studios in Montclair and New York City.

“SlowBurn is a form of low-force, time-efficient weight-lifting or strength training that improves all aspects of your health,” said Fredrick Hahn, founder of SlowBurn Personal Training Studios. “SlowBurn is one of the safest and most effective ways to become leaner and stronger in less time.”

Fredrick Hahn, founder, SlowBurn Personal Training Studios.

With SlowBurn, there are no sudden, explosive or highly abrupt movements that can potentially cause injury. Every exercise is performed in a controlled and focused “Tai-Chi-like fashion, a method that is scientifically shown to produce benefits equal to and greater than traditional lifting methods.

Hahn’s SlowBurn method and his internationally-sold book The SlowBurn Fitness Revolution has been featured in venues such as Men’s Journal magazine, Muscle and Fitness, GQ Active. Hahn has been on numerous TV and radio shows demonstrating and discussing the SlowBurn method, including NBC’s The Today Show, CNN’s The Biz, Fox Five News and more.

“I developed SlowBurn in part at the Hospital for Joint Diseases Sports Medicine Center to make patients as strong as possible in the safest and most time-efficient manner possible,” Hahn said. “It is perfect for all ages, from kids to baby boomers. The method improves strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and bone density — and even de-ages you at the genetic level in just 30 minutes a week.”

Hahn, a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise since 1993, grew up in Montclair and is a graduate of Montclair High School, class of ’79. He opened the first SlowBurn Personal Training Studio in 1998 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan but dreamed of bringing the SlowBurn revolution to his hometown, which he did in 2014.

“We celebrated five years last month! I love this town and wanted to open a studio in Montclair for a long time,” Hahn said. “I wanted to give my clients the very best I could in an ideal exercise environment by increasing the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of their exercise sessions.”

With SlowBurn, every exercise is performed in a controlled and focused ‘Tai-Chi-like fashion,’ a method that is scientifically shown to produce benefits equal to and greater than traditional lifting methods.

The added strength his clients gain from the SlowBurn personal training method allows them to enjoy and perform their favorite activities for a longer period of time, with greater ease and with less chance of injury. Yoga poses, tennis serves, golf swings and lifting heavy objects all become easier to do. Additional benefits include improved cardiovascular health, enhanced joint flexibility, lower back and neck pain relief, arthritis pain relief, controlled blood sugar, and more.

“SlowBurn training increases your metabolism, which helps you burn fat,” Hahn said. “However, for fat loss and health improvements, nutrition is by far the most important aspect of a person’s wellness program. No amount or type of exercise can take the place of a healthful diet.”

The instructors at SlowBurn Personal Training Studio will teach you everything you need to know about eating the correct foods (not counting calories) to maximize improvements in your health, which will result in steady and permanent fat loss. “When a low sugar, adequate protein eating plan and SlowBurn strength training are combined, metabolic miracles happen,” Hahn said.

The Montclair location of SlowBurn opened in 2014.

At SlowBurn Personal Training Studio, the first session is complimentary and includes a revolutionary InBody composition scan that measures fat and muscle, taking the guess work out of becoming a new you. A personal instructor at every session customizes and records the SlowBurn strength training workout that fits your goals. Monthly payment plans are available, as well as long-term package plans.

Hahn is the co-author, along with Drs. Michael and MaryDan Eades, of the best-selling fitness book The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution and is the author of Strong Kids, Healthy Kids. He is hard at work on his next book, which will focus on intermittent fasting and weight training.

SlowBurn’s New Jersey location is at 25 Watchung Plaza in Montclair. For more information, call (973) 233-1013 or visit Except for Saturdays, the studio is open daily from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Clients can train at both studios using the same package or monthly plan.


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