‘We can bring it to an entirely new audience’


Enter Slate​ – ultra-filtered, high-protein, lactose-free chocolate milk – which delivers the unique nutrition and taste of dairy,naturally protein-rich drink brimming with vitamins and electrolytes,​”​ in sleek, shelf-stable cans thata millennial won’t be embarrassed to carry around.”

We wanted to give chocolate milk a clean slate​ [hence the brand name],” Lubin told FoodNavigator-USA.

It’s known as a kids’ drink that’s high in sugar in a carton, but if we can reposition it as a functional beverage that’s high in protein and tastes great, we think we can bring it to an entirely new audience.”

Pockets of opportunity in the fluid milk market

While fluid milk has been on a downward trajectory for decades, flavored milk continues to grow, along with lactose-free milk, while ultra-filtered products such as fairlife (more protein, less sugar) have brought something new to the category, said Lubin.

“There’s been a ton of innovation in the alternative milk space, but we just love the taste of real chocolate milk, and we talked to a ton of consumers that told us the same thing, so we ​[Lubin and co-founder Josh Belinsky – a fellow chocolate milk aficionado Lubin met at college] came together to address the problems we had with it.

“We literally sat in a room and listed all the reasons why adults don’t still drink chocolate milk and we crossed them off, one by one. Too much [added] sugar, lactose​ [naturally occurring sugar in milk that both Lubin and Belinsky don’t tolerate] and the ​[kid-focused] packaging.


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