Holiday recipe hosting tips and swaps for vegan, vegetarian diets


Make your party plant-based and inclusive with simple tips and swaps.

It won’t surprise food lovers to hear that healthier fare is having a moment. In fact, a report from food delivery service Grubhub showed that plant-based eating is a top trend in America; even fast food chains are jumping on the meat-free train, with Carl’s Jr. partnering with Beyond Meat and Burger King adding a Whopper version of the Impossible Burger to the fast-food giant’s menu (currently at select U.S. locations).

And there are plenty of good reasons to veer toward veggies. A plant-based diet (which emphasizes minimally processed foods made from plants, sometimes including small amounts of seafood, poultry and dairy, but usually little or no red meat) has loads of benefits: reduced risk of obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, along with increased brain health. It’s also a solid choice for those who want to score points with Mother Nature, since cutting back on our meat consumption reduces our environmental footprint and helps combat climate change.


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