Is banana peel really a new health miracle? 


Ah banana skins. They serve so many purposes. From brightening up your fruit bowl with their warm jaundiced tones to tripping up would-be assailants when left nonchalantly in their path. 

But the one thing you’d never do with a banana skin is put it in your mouth and eat it, right?

Well, maybe. According to Australian dietician Susie Burrell, banana skins are not only something you can eat, but they’re also something you should eat. Pick your jaws off the floor, folks, and get a banana skin between them. 

In a blog post that has gone viral, Burrell claims you’ll get 10pc more fibre, 20pc more Vitamin B6, and 20pc more Vitamin C if you scoff the skin rather than just the fruit. 

The colour of…


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