Her love for cooking helps food & nutrition dept get state-of-the-art lab | Vadodara News


Vadodara: She lived with her love for cooking, an affair that got only stronger after she passed away.
Nandini Shah, a lawyer by profession, who loved cooking and experimenting with foods passed away at the age of 77, two years ago. But in her passing, she breathed life into M S University’s department of foods and nutrition, which, thanks to her posthumous benevolence, can dream of a better future today.
Her sisters — Indira and Mira — donated Rs25 lakh to the University with which the department was able to upgrade its food laboratory after 50 long years. The facility was inaugurated by her elder sister, Indira Shah, last week.
Shah never let the fact that she was suffering from elephantiasis, a condition that results in enlargement and hardening of limbs or body parts due to tissue swelling from the age of 20, overshadow her passion.
“It is very rare when donors themselves approach us with an intention to help. Our food laboratory, which had broken platforms and choked sinks, has now been upgraded into a state-of-the-art food science/ meal planning laboratory,” said professor Mini Sheth from the department of food and nutrition.
“The students will be able to work on their practicals, meal planning for the community with ease with this upgraded infrastructure,” she said.
“My sister was practising law in Mumbai till 1991 after which we shifted to Baroda. Her condition restricted her movements. But she had immense love for cooking and kept herself busy with kitchen and guests,” recollected the 82-year-old elder sister.
“She did not learn how to cook but experimented a lot with the food. What bigger tribute could we give to her than donate the money that she had left behind for students of food science,” said Indira. She further said that before they stepped into the faculty of family and community sciences, the sisters were not even aware that such a food laboratory existed in the city.


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