A National Nutrition Policy: a recipe to create a healthy, hunger free nation


A National Nutrition Policy: a recipe to create a healthy, hunger -free nation With a new survey reporting the growing crisis of hunger in Australia, the call for the Australian Government to develop a new National Nutrition Policy has never been louder. As the social crisis of hunger worsen s, and the rate of diet -related chronic dis ease continues to climb, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) emphasises the critical need for a collaborative, national approach to improve our nation’s health.

New data, released by Foodbank Australia, found that in the past year more than one in five (21% or approximately 5 million) Australians have been in a situation where they have run out of food and were unable to buy more. 1 Not only does food insecurity cause an extensive impact on a person’s ph ysical and mental health, but with children making up 22% of those who are food insecure, it raises alarms for the future health and prosperity of our population. 1 “This is just another example of why Australia needs a National Nutrition Policy. Access to safe, affordable and nutritious food is a basic human right, and every Australian should have enough nutritious food to thrive.

Addressing food security is fundamental to building healthy communities,” said Robert Hunt, DAA CEO.

Initiatives to reduce foo d insecurity and to lessen diet -related health conditions requires a co -ordinated and collaborative approach from a range of sectors including agriculture, nutrition, health and education.

A new National Nutrition Policy would place healthy, equitable, su stainable and measurable food and nutrition systems at its core.

“This Policy would allow individual Australians to live a healthier, longer life, provid e access to more affordable and sustainable food, and enable them to make informed food and nutrition choices for their health,” said Mr Hunt.

Today, the United Nations celebrates World Food Day, a global initiative to raise awareness and to promote governments, agricultural sectors and businesses to take action to achieve healthy eating and zero hunger.

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