Kale Candy Canes Are Here In Time for Christmas | Karen Sharp


Here at KOST, it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas! Archie McPhee, a Seattle-based store known for selling wild and wacky products, agrees with us!

They’re debuting their newest product on the market…kale candy canes. This sounds like a festive yet also questionable “treat” for the holiday season, haha! According to the store’s website, the green and white striped candy is “garden fresh” and have “all the flavor of kale with none of the nutrition.”

Archie McPhee’s Director of Awesome, David Wahl, shared that consumers shouldn’t let the candy canes holiday-appropriate color fool you, he explained “We do want to warn people that the green color of the candy cane might lead someone to believe that it has a minty flavor. We wouldn’t want anyone to be fooled into eating one accidentally.”

Archie McPhee added that they taste like “the bitter grassiness of your favorite vegetable.” Does this sound appetizing to you veggie lovers?

The products humorous description reads “Talk about a superfood, kale is not only very nutritious but also incredibly delicious. This set of six kale candy canes gives you the flavor of kale with none of the dietary benefits.”

If you’re not a kale lover, the wild and wacky store also recently released pizza candy canes and “hamdy canes” which are flavored like a Christmas ham.

Would you try a kale candy cane?


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