Elmhurst 1925 introduces new Hemp Barista Edition for coffee


Plant-based milks producer Elmhurst 1925 has expanded its Barista Editions line with a new hemp-based variant for a variety of coffee applications.

Created with six ingredients, including hemp cream and whole grain oats, Elmhurst Hemp Barista Edition is said to deliver “a rich and creamy consistency”, making it suitable for foaming, frothing and steaming in coffee beverages.

The vegan product is made without artificial flavours, carrageenan, gums, oils or other emulsifiers.

“We’re excited to expand the reach of our hemp-based innovation into our barista series with the launch of our new Hemp Barista Edition,” said Peter Truby, vice president of marketing at Elmhurst 1925.

“Harnessing the power of superfood hemp seeds, which are packed with omega-3s, protein, fibre and more, our Hemp Barista Edition upgrades any coffee with a creamy and delicious plant milk that rivals whole milk.”

All Elmhurst plant milks, including Hemp Barista Edition, are made using the brand’s HydroRelease method. Starting with water, the process separates the components of a nut, grain or seed before reassembling them as a creamy, beverage-ready emulsion, maintaining the full nutrition of the source ingredient without added gums or emulsifiers.

Elmhurst Hemp Barista Edition is available in the US in 32oz cartons with a suggested retail price of $6.99.

The release follows a raft of new product launches by Elmhurst so far this year, including an unsweetened milked oats beverage and a range of hemp creamers.


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