Kids to be sensitised to food nutrition


Tribune News Service

Amritsar, August 10

Keeping kids’ health on mind, the Health Department is all set to create awareness among stakeholders under the guidelines of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to inculcate wholesome eating habits among children.

The department has already held a meeting with social and trade organisations to sensitise them to the health issues arising due to the increased use of junk and fast food. The next plan is to take the issue to the children by asking them to keep track of junk and fast food items they consume every day.

District Health Officer Dr Charanjit Singh said, “Food safety is core to the human health. Children, being the future, need to be taught about right choice of food and other aspects of good health.” He said they would include schools in the drive so that children could be made aware.

Dr Singh said nutrition in food is important but equally important is to learn the nutrition is not destroyed or affected by outside factors before the food is consumed. “Children need to know how bacteria, fungi, etc. can affect the food. They need to know about the need for cleanliness and hygiene. Most people would not have thought about it but jewellery, such as ring, worn by cooks can impact the food quality as it gathers dust and bacteria,” she said.

Dr Sandeep Aggarwal, a pediatrician, said, “The health issues arising out of increased use of junk food are frequently reported nowadays.” He said that by asking a child to keep a track of whatever he eats daily would let him know about the quantity of junk food he is having. “First we have to recognise the problem. Once the child knows that he is having more of junk, it will be easier to draw him to healthy diets as veggies and greens,” he added.


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